Living Hockey Summer Camp – BRN – 24 & 25 August 2015

5 Aug


Dear Hockey Parents and Players,

Rumour has it that summer has arrived and hopefully by August, the big orange thing in the sky will be working a full 7 day week. Bearing in mind what we have to put up with in February, this is definitely THE time to learn about hockey from the best coaches around without anyone having to worry about frost-bite or hypothermia.


First of all we need to apologise about our website which is currently down. At the same time that we are about to launch a whole new branding and online “experience” our website has been hacked. That means that all registrations require you to fill out the form attached and either pay online or post with a cheque to the address at the bottom of the form. As ever, if you have any questions, please just email back to this address and we’ll reply as soon as we can. Just to remind you, the days go from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm and we have the kiosk at Oxford Hawks HC open serving lunch and drinks throughout the day.


We’ve now got a new simpler explanation of what we do and why it’s better than anyone else:

1. International Camp: Where every coach has international playing or coaching experience. The one for aspiring top level players.

2. Premiership Camp: Where coaches are from the England Hockey Premiership and National League teams.

3. Club Camp: For our brand new and starting level players usually from 7-9.


As normal, it’s £120 for two days and £75 for one day of International coaching, £100 and £60 for the Goalkeepers and £75 and £45 for the Premiership and Club Camps. Minimum age for the International Camp is 13 (exceptional 12 year olds can apply) and groups will be based on age and skill level. Please note that International Camp players do need to be above average ability and registrations may be reviewed if that level doesn’t fit a group. Students and siblings of Magdalen College School are eligible to get two days for the one day (NB: that’s because MCS provide the pitch). Siblings (not including MCS) get £10 per player for 2 days and £5 each for one day. Please note the special offers on Living Hockey sticks on the registration form and as mentioned, we hope Jamie will have some of his new JDH brand available as well. Please just let us know if you are interested.

Best wishes

The Living Hockey Team

Click here for the registration form.

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