County Schools and Club Competitions: Results

3 Mar

U18 schools winner: Bloxham School, runners up St Edward’s

U16 schools winner: St Edward’s, runners up Matthew Arnold School

U14 schools winner: Tudor Hall, runners up Bloxham School

U12 schools winner: Headington School, runners up Oxford High School


Our U13 schools In2hockey tournament was won by Cokethorpe with Headington as runners up. Contact email address for these schools are

Cokethorpe: Amber Woodcock

Headington: David Bridle


The In2hockey U10 and U12 clubs tournament also took place this week.


U10s girls won by Oxford Hawks and runners up Oxford Hockey Club

Oxford Hawks: Sue Clark

Oxford Hockey Club: Rob McCulloch


U10s boys won by Oxford Hockey Club and runners up Wallingford

Oxford Hockey Club: Rob McCulloch



U12s girls won by Wallingford, runners up Oxford Hawks


Oxford Hawks : Pall Scragg


U12s boys won by Oxford HC and runners up Oxford Hawks

Oxford HC :

Oxford Hawks: Sue Clark

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